The 28/29 Collingham Gardens Management Company Ltd

For all residents including sub tenants please read carefully



This is designed to prevent admission to the premises of unauthorised persons.  Your co-operation is required in preventing the admission of strangers by means of the entryphone.  When anyone uses your entryphone in an attempt to gain access to another flat and claims that they have been unable to contact the occupant concerned, please do not admit that person.  Always advise them to use the entryphone to contact the flat they wish to visit.


While there is no way to stop leaks from baths appliances etc every flats COLD WATER stopcock is now labelled,  It is in the cupboard in the basement next to the bin store.  If you have water coming through your ceiling and you cannot get hold of the resident or you can and its in the middle of the night PLEASE SHUT THE WATER SUPPLY OFF TO THE OFFENDING FLAT using this stop cock.   This will make a major difference to the amount of water damage.  Similarly, on the roof through the velux sky light is a double cupboard with HOT WATER tanks labelled.  More often than not the leak will be caused by something fed from the cold water supply.  PLEASE TAKE THE TIME NOW TO FAMILIARISE YOURSELF WITH THE STOPCOCK WITHIN YOUR FLAT AND ALSO THE ONES OUTSIDE  Not all flats have a stopcock inside but they have been labelled. I am sure we would all rather miss water for a few hours than have £0000,000 of pounds worth of damage to flats.


Especially food stuff must be wrapped securely in strong plastic bags and tied before putting inside the bins not on the floor. Under no circumstances should rubbish or unwanted household goods be left in the dustbin area. Items such as boxes, cartons or items of furniture should be taken to the local Council tip. If you cannot do so, then it is the responsibility of the individual resident to contact the Council who will, for a small fee, arrange to collect and dispose of it for you.


Not to use the flat nor permit the same to be used for any purpose whatsoever other than a private dwellinghouse or for any illegal or immoral purposes. No laundry or cloths to be placed near or outside the windows. In the interest of the Building Insurance Policy, Fire Regulations and of safety in general. No mats to be placed outside the flat door nor bicycles, prams or any item to be left in the hallways.


In a building such as this consideration must be made at all times for noise which travels between the flats.  No  sound such as any kitchen appliance, music or tv should be heard outside your flat between the hours of 10pm and 8am.


Each lessee or occupier covenants not to make any structural alterations or structural additions to the flat nor to erect any new buildings thereon or remove any of the Landlords fixtures or fittings, i.e.; windows, baths, toilets, doors or walls, without the previous consent in writing of the Company. Decorations and general work in the flat (most especially drilling and/or hammering) should only be carried out Mondays to Fridays (expect Bank holidays and holidays) 9am to 5pm and Saturday up to 1 pm only. No work of any description is allowed on Sundays, emergencies excepted.

The Managing Agents must be advised if work of any description is to be carried out. Sub-contractors must be made away that any damage caused to the communal areas will be repaired and billed to the individual flat owners.  A deposit of 10% of the cost of such works must be lodged with the managing agent to cover any such damage before works can be carried out.


The front main door must be kept closed at all times and must NOT be relied on as a safeguard.  All flat owners and sub tenants are reminded to make sure that all of the locks on their own front doors are used at all times.  Should unauthorised access be obtained to an individual flat this is not the responsibility in any way of either the buildings insurance or the directors.


Please ensure that all the locks to your door are used at all times.  Please do not rely on the main door as any form of security.  You or your tenant is liable for contents insurance and the building insurance does not cover any belongings in flats.  It will be a condition of your insurance that a five lever lock is fitted, please make sure you have one and it is used at all times.  Tenants please contact your landlord/managing agent if you do not have this lock fitted.


Everyone pays towards and enjoys the benefits of the insurance.  If there is damage from one flat to another i.e. does NOT involve any communal parts, then it is down to the individual flat owners to process their own buildings insurance claim.  If you do require my help with this due to time or other constraints, I am happy to do so at a charge of 10% of the final bill payable direct to me from the leaseholder.  If the damage can be proved to be caused by negligence on behalf of a leaseholder or sub-tenant then the leaseholder should be liable for the excess of the policy, currently £2500 and the insurance company MAY look to recover their costs.


Whereas I am always happy to be contacted when there is a problem, the bill and cause of which may not be communal.  For example, a blocked sink within a flat where the communal drains are clear.  The initial call out can of course be instigated by me however any further repairs which are shown to be not a communal fault will be the individual leaseholders responsibility.  Again I am happy to manage this on the individual’s part at an additional fee of 10% of the total bills including the call out.



From immediate effect, all sublets must obtain a sub licence as per the head lease.  The managing agent will require in all cases, contact details and references on all proposed sub tenants, along with managing agent’s details.  A sub licence will then be issued at a cost of £75 to the leaseholder.  This is to ensure that we know at all times who is living in the building and is enforceable under the head lease. Please also ask your tenants unless there is an emergency to contact their managing agent or you the landlord if they have a query for me in the first instance.


If gas is smelled in any part of the building please call TRANSCO immediately on 0800 111 999  please do not call me!!


My mobile number of 07507 090428 is on at all times.  Out of hours it may not be immediately answered but it is always monitored so if you do have an emergency please do leave a message or text and I will reply.  I will also always let you know if I am away who to contact.


I have appointed the above company Maintracts Services who are known to me as the first port of call for any maintenance.  Their number is 020 8682 2244  they have a key to the main door and can help with any plumbing electrical and drainage problems. THEY HAVE A 24 HOUR EMERGENCY CALL OUT SO IF THERE IS A WATER LEAK PLEASE CONTACT THEM WHATEVER THE TIME THEY WILL ALWAYS CALL BACK


Has been employed as the cleaner and general maintenance man including changing lightbulbs etc.  His number is 07836 246141 and you are welcome to use him to help with maintenance and window cleaning.


This is a passenger lift ONLY and not to be used for furniture.


Must not be left anywhere in the communal areas as they pose a Health and Safety Risk and will be REMOVED if attached to the railings at the front of the building.

SINKS BATHS AND TOILETS  Please do not use any of these as a dustbin.  Blocks caused by misuse i.e. food hair wipes sanitary items caused overflows which again cause damage to other flats.

Please take these notes and guidelines in the way they are intended as to be helpful and informative.